UPDATE » Thousands of crowd gathered at Stadium Merdeka for the first ever Kpop event which kickstarts 2018 features seven popular Kpop idols: A.C.E, Tahiti, Halo, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, NU’EST W, Mamamoo and Super Junior.

Thousands of crowd gathered at Stadium Merdeka for the first ever Kpop event which kickstarts 2018 features seven popular Kpop idols: A.C.E, Tahiti, Halo, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, NU’EST W, Mamamoo and Super Junior.

19 January 2018
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The concert started with rookie group, A.C.E. They delivered an intro dance performance titled ‘Call of the em’. Then ACE brought up their debut song ‘Cactus’. This is ACE’s first overseas schedule after their debut and also their first time visiting Malaysia. They showcased their dance moves by doing a cover of Black Pink ‘Playing with Fire’. ACE ended their performance with ‘Callin’ which is their latest single. We hope to see more of their stages!

The next act was Tahiti. The girl group famous with their sexy concept started their performance with ‘Phone Number’. The group also performed ‘Oppa, You’re Mine’ and ‘Skip’. They definitely captivated the crowd with their cute and sexy performance. Please come back to Malaysia soon!

Following up, was Halo. They started their stage with ‘Fever’ and ‘I’m Scared’. The members mentioned about their last time first visit here for performance and fans celebrated their birthday. They were thankful to their fans and happy to come here again. The group also sing ‘While You were Sleeping’ and ‘여기 여기’.


The concert continued with the only solo artist, Taeyeon. She started with her famous songs ‘I’ and 11:11. Taeyeon mentioned it’s still difficult to perform but because of SONE she is getting stronger and feel happy to perform. She also performed ‘Fine’ and ‘Make Me Love You’. She ended her performance with ‘Hands On Me’. Taeyeon being the only one on stage made the crowd mesmerized by her captivating vocals.


The stage was fire up with next group Nu’est W. They started with ‘Hello’ and ‘One Day’ . The W in the group name stand for waiting as one of their member is currently in project group Wanna One and will come back to the group after the contract end. The group has their popularity rise up again because of ‘Produce 101’, 4 of the members were joining the show and gained attention. They mentioned that they are happy to come here again after a long time. Ren said all random Malay words such as ‘Aku Cinta Padamu’, Malaysia Sayang’ and ‘Aku Rindu Kamu’. Fans were screaming after he said those words. Then, the group also performed ‘Love Paint’. Fans also get to watch live performance of their latest single ‘Where You At’ which gave them their first win in music show. Hoping for them to come again not as Nu’est W but Nu’est!


The concert hyped up more with next group which is Mamamoo. The girl group famous with their amazing vocals started performance with ‘Yes I Am’ and ‘Delcacomanie’. One of the member, Solar didn’t get to dance together because of injury. The members mentioned they really like the weather here in Malaysia and very happy to come for the first time. They are very thankful for fans’ support and love. They are hoping for more opportunity to see Malaysian fans again and promised to give a better performance next time. The performance continued with OST from Marriage, Not Dating which is ‘Love Lane’. They also sang ‘Girl Crush’, ‘You’re The Best’ and ‘Um Oh Ah Yeah’. The performance was so good and they did great even though one member couldn’t dance together with them. Get well soon Solar and Mamamoo please do come again as all fans are waiting patiently for you!


The last group to perform was the legendary KPOP group that is Super Junior! Members came out and sang their famous song that everyone knows which is ‘Sorry, Sorry’. The stage then was heated up with ‘Bonamana’ rock version. Everyone was so hyped during the performance as all members were all over the stage and jumping here and there. This is the first overseas appearance for Siwon, in which all fans were so happy to see him on the stage again! During the talk session, the members took effort to talk in Malay. The highlight was when Leeteuk spat out all Malay words he knew such as ‘Mana tandas?’, ‘Sudah makan?’, and ‘Saya senang bertemu dengan kamu’. As fans shouting for Super Show 7 in Malaysia, Leeteuk mentioned that their performances on that day would be the preview for their Super Show 7 and all members kept mentioning Super Show 7 is coming soon. Fans also get to enjoy Super Junior Donghae&Eunhyuk and Yesung’s solo perfomance. Donghae&Eunhyuk sang ‘Growing Pain’ and ‘Oppa Oppa’ while Yeusng sang ‘Here I Am’. Fans also get to watch for the first time ‘Mamacita’ and also ‘Black Suit’ which is their latest single and that was the second appearance of Siwon for ‘Black Suit’ after SS7 in Seoul. Before they ended the perfomance, Super Junior members were showering fans with love saying ‘Aku Cinta Padamu’ (Eunhyuk and Siwon), ‘I Love You’ (Shindong) and ‘Terima Kasih’ (Yesung). Heechul again mentioned SS7 is coming soon.

Last but not least, the heat continues and KWAVE3 Music Festival by Mcalls Is On Its Way! The next big concert will happen in 2018 and it has been just announced that Monsta X will be part of the artiste lineup. Stay tune for full lineup and next concert details soon!