UPDATE » IZ*ONE tag team to charm Thai fans with their bright and playful personality in  IZ*ONE 1ST CONCERT [EYES ON ME] in BANGKOK

IZ*ONE tag team to charm Thai fans with their bright and playful personality in  IZ*ONE 1ST CONCERT [EYES ON ME] in BANGKOK

18 June 2019
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Thai Wiz*One were totally satisfied with the cuteness and playful charm of 12 IZ*ONE girls who come to share their cutesy fun with fans for 3 hours with their first concert ‘IZ*ONE 1ST CONCERT [EYES ON ME]\ in BANGKOK’ on Sunday, June 16th, 2019 at MCC Hall, The Mall Bangkapi, atmost satisfaction guaranteed by the ever enthusiastic organizer, Star Show and YJ Partners, the experienced agency.

Before going to have fun with the concert, IZ*ONE members which include JANG WON YOUNG, MIYAWAKI SAKURA, JO YU RI, CHOI YE NA, AN YU JIN, YABUKI NAKO, KWON EUN B, KANG HYE WON, HONDA HITOMI, KIM CHAE WON, KIM MIN JU, and LEE CHAE YEON hold a press conference at Grand Hyatt Center Point on Saturday, June 15th, to say hi to Thai WIZ*ONE first. The leader, Eun B, told fans and reporters on behalf of the members that “ We have been waiting to meet everyone in this concert. We can feel the love that everyone has given us. We promise that we will do our best and will be IZ*ONE that everyone accepts and loves forever.

Wow…how can they be so sweet? And this was just at the press conference. On the day of the concert, no matter how bad the weather or the traffic was, Thai WIZ*ONE never mind. A lot of people came to support IZ*ONE that MCC Hall were jam packed. The concert began with upbeat songs like ‘Hey BaeLike It’, O’My! and  ‘We Together’. After that, the girls then greeted WIZ*ONE with “Sawasdee IZ*ONE Ka” and they proceeded to speak Thai to fans. The moment that received the loudest cheer from fans is when makne ‘Won Yong’ said in Thai “My heart belongs to Thai WIZ*ONE n aka”.

After rocking Thai WIZ*ONE’s hearts with her cute words, it was time for more fun with songs like NEKONI NARITAI, GOKIGEN SAYONAYA, Airplane, before dropping the beat to a slower song which Minju showed off her piano skill so beautifully in Yume woMiteiru Aida. WIZ*ONE were waving ring lights on their hands throughout the whole song. The next song is a song with good meaning, ‘Really Like You’. After that, the girls wanted to amp up the atmosphere one more step with a playful song like ‘Colors’.

Took a break from the dance and turned to listen to the girls talking to the fans. Minju said she was very excited to be able to play piano for everyone and she will practice more to become better and better. While CHAE WON asked to sing  a short verse from Really Like You. Hitomi then melted the hearts of Thai WIZ*ONE by speaking in Thai “Noonarakna. Pee waimai?” (I’m so cute, can you handle it?), even taught other members to repeat after her. Ah… if you think Hii-chan was the only one who tried to steal WIZ*ONE’s hearts, the next sentences from Sakura “Wan niimong tae noona” (Today please have your eyes on me only), Yu Jin’s “Raknajubjub” (Love you, kiss kiss), made all Thai WIZ*ONE faint that instance.

Let’s have more fun with the session IZ*ONE called ‘Time Machine’ which we went back in time to during Produce 48. Songs from the show like To Reach You, Rollin’ Rollin’, I AM and PICK ME were sang to bring those memories to the fans. After that, we took a break with a cute VCR which the girls get to reveal their charisma to the fans and the most surprised moment was when 2 new songs were performed for the first time along with the song ‘ So curious’ where YE NA, NAKO, Won Young, Hitomi and Chae Won show off their brightness, IZ*ONE style, followed by ‘Ayayaya’, a sexy dance number with Yuri, Hyewon, Minju, Chae Yon, Eun B and Sakura and dance songs to get everyone dancing like SukitoIwasetai and SukiniNacchaudarou?

At the end of the concert, the girls sent a VCR <VAMPIRE SISTERS> to fans. It was  a short series showing their loveliness and unique charm before performing more hit songs like Highlight, La Vie en Rose and Rumor which sent the fans’ scream through the roof. Then, Eun B, the leader, told fans that the next song was ‘Violeta’ which was the last song of this concert and told Thai W IZ*ONE that she will “remember all your warm eyes forever”.

After the lights went out, all W IZ*ONE, both girls and boys, were chanting the anchor until the 12 IZ*ONE came back to the stage again with the song ‘Memory’. In this song, all WIZ*ONE were holding up a banner “힘들더라도멀리서라도언제나너희꿈을응원할게” which means “No matter how tired or how far we are from you, we will always support your dream” which made the girls smile. Then they took turn to reveal their thoughts to Thai fans, starting with Hyewon who said “Because of the love of Thai W IZ*ONE, we are able to hold a concert here and also get a chance to drink watermelon smoothie everday. Thank you”. ChaeYon told fans that she can also feel the love of Thai fans and we love you too. Minju said she was so excited and will never forget the love, the memory and the eyes that she saw today. Hitomi thanked the fans for their loud cheers and warmest welcome and how happy it was to spend time with everyone.

Eun B, the leader, said that they have received so much support from everyone and wanted to give our support back and that 1 year ago, she would never have thought  what she had seen today would be possible. The makne, Won Young, said she was very happy to be here, even though we live far apart, please don’t forget us and keep support us too. Sakura said that she was so thankful for today and was happy to see so many WIZ*ONE and they will try to come back again. Nako told the fans to remember this wonderful memory and even though they do not know when, but they will come back here again so please wait for us.

Yuri said that to see Thai WIZ*ONE sing along with them and cheer for them made all her worries go away and how unfortunate it was that we get to meet just one day. Next time they will prepare more good shows for everyone. Chae Won said that she was very impressed with the project that fans prepared and was thankful. Yena said that it was like a dream to received so much love and promised to repay everyone with good performances forever. Lastly, Yu Jin said that she hoped Thai WIZ*ONE will remember this concert for a long time and will not forget them until the time they meet again.

Then it came to the end of the concert for real, the girls prepared the upbeat song like Up to ensure the unforgettable memory for Thai W IZ*ONE. What will be the next project for Star Show? Please stay tuned to find out at https://www.facebook.com/starshowth/.