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PARK JIHOON’s 1st Solo Fan Meeting (2 Shows) in Thailand  

14 March 2019
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            Cutie Wink Boy PARK JIHOON fully brought loveliness to all fans for his first solo Fan Meeting “PARK JIHOON 2019 ASIA FAN MEETING IN BANGKOK [FIRST EDITION] PRESENTED BY MASITA.” Assuring enjoyment to all Thai MAY (MAY : Official name of PARK JIHOON’s Fan), Promoter “RegiStar” held 2 shows on Mar Sat 9th  –  Sun 10th, 2019 at Thunder Dome Muang Thong Thani.

            Starting with hot opening dance performance “Shape of You”, PARK JIHOON got resounding cheerful scream and greeting from MAY. After that MC, DJ Nui Thanawat, began official welcome session. JIHOON introduced himself in Thai “Hello Thai MAY, I’m PARK JIHOON.” Also adding sweet sentence in Thai “I will keep Thai MAY in my heart”, Jihoon got back a big scream from everyone in the hall.

            After that the 1st activity session “Study Edition” began. JIHOON acted as teacher who would ask questions about himself and let MAY be students choosing the correct answer in his mind. The first question is “What is the Thai phrase that JIHOON likes the most?” Teacher JIHOON gave  4 choices in Thai :  1) I’m hungry. 2) I love you. 3) PARK JIHOON is handsome. 4) It’s my honor. MAY agreed to select the 1st choice and it was the correct answer. JIHOON would like to give everyone a hug as a reward but it’s ashamed that he could not do it.  Anyhow, all fans were more than happy to hear it.  Next question is “Which part of the face that JIHOON likes the most?” All MAY almost couldn’t breathe to see close-up shots of JIHOON’s eyes, nose and mouth shown on big screen while JIHOON sent his wink to fans as he was blushing with the reaction of fans.

            The 2nd activity session “MAY Edition : Hello” is to randomly select a lucky fan to have a conversation with JIHOON by using a paper cup & string phone. Only JIHOON and lucky fan could hear each other firstly. DJ Nui told all MAY later all sweet conversations they had. Then JIHOON performed one slow & sweet song “I Wanna Have” and upbeat song “11” with slow dance & sexy body wave. After that was the cute VCR before JIHOON coming back on stage to perform “Young 20” which is the song that JIHOON likes and it was produced by Lee Daehwi, member of Wanna One. Thai MAY were impressed by his graceful voice and fun beat of the song. JIHOON also sang some parts without music once again for MAY.

The 3rd activity session “DIY Edition (JIHOON’s Pick)”, JIHOON prepared different picks for each show. The first show was to decorate a cute cake with his favorite Korean Strawberry. JIHOON sent his manager to deliver the cake and the strawberry bouquets to lucky fans. On the second show date, JIHOON professionally made a drip coffee for lucky fan.  Moreover, in the 4th activity session “Limited Edition”, JIHOON showed his skill in playing doll catcher machine and easily got 2 teddy bears for lucky fans. Then the MC gave a random dance mission to JIHOON to entertain all fans with his loveliness.

Coming to the last session of Fan Meeting, after JIHOON took a photo with all MAY in the hall, Thai MAY surprised JIHOON with the Fan Project. On the 1st show, the message on the sign is “MAY  항상 지훈이  곁에 있을게 which means “MAY will always be with JIHOON forever.” On the 2nd show, the message on the sign is  MAY  지훈이를 감싸주는 봄이 되어줄게요 which means “MAY will always be a warm and welcome autume for JIHOON.” This made tears well up in JIHOON’s eyes. JIHOON expressed his feeling to MAY that “Because of MAY, I stand here today as PARK JIHOON. I promise to be JIHOON who will work hard to reward everyone’s love. Will we be together forever? I beleive in everyone and hope that everyone also beleive in me. Finally, I hope that everyone enjoys my 2 rounds of fan meeting shows. Thank you very much.” Then JIHOON said in Thai to all MAY that “I love you.”

            After that JIHOON had got back on stage again to sing a slow song “Hide and Seek” and upbeat song “Press your number” before ending the fan meeting with Goodbye Session. In this session, JIHOON sent every MAY back home by standing and waving goodbye on the stand that moved until middle of the hall. Hi-touch and Photo group activities were done with lucky fans after the goodbye session. Almost 3 happy hours were fully delivered to Thai May.

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